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2016 Team Series Score Adjustments

CrossFit has adjusted a handful of Team Series scores during the review process of video submissions. Most notably, Scott Panchik’s 350-lb. hang power clean in Event 4 was disallowed because he received the bar below parallel. For a successful hang power clean, athletes had to ensure the crease of the hip did not pass below the top of the knee in the bottom position.

The Airrosti- CrossFit BelRed team received a 2:30 penalty in Event 2 because team members performed multiple repetitions of lateral box jump overs in violation of the movement standards, which state lateral jumps are not allowed.

Teams may have their workouts judged and validated at a CrossFit affiliate, or they may submit videos to be judged and validated by CrossFit.

Score adjustments will be reflected on the overall leaderboard at teamseries.crossfit.com.