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CrossFit Team Series Filters

The CrossFit Team Series is like the Open, but for teams.

During the fall Team Series, CrossFit releases workouts online that are designed for two-man, two-woman teams. You get six days to compete each set of team workouts and submit your scores online (September 6 – 12, October 4 -10). You can compete the team workouts at an affiliate in front of a judge, or film your team’s performances and include the link to YouTube with your score.

Anyone can enter and compete with their peers, whether they’re world-class athletes like Team Rogue Black and Team Reebok United fighting for the top spot on the leaderboard, or mere mortals squaring off with their frenemies from the other class times at the box for a higher ranking in the standings. However, you cut it, the Team Series gives you a chance to hone your skill as a team competitor and spend time with friends.


We have filters on the leaderboard so you can cut the field down to those groups that most interest you.

There will be two filters on the Open Leaderboard: Pro and Elite.

  • Pro = Any team with a 2016 Games individual competitor.
  • Elite = Any team with a 2016 Games team competitor, or 2016 regional individual competitor.

Uncheck the Pro box, and all Pro teams will disappear from the leaderboard. Do the same for Elites, and the field will be further cut to teams with athletes who did not advance beyond the first stage of last year’s Games season.

There will be three filters on the Masters Leaderboard: 40s, 50s and 60s.

  • 40s = The youngest teammate is in their 40s.
  • 50s = The youngest teammate is in their 50s.
  • 60s = The youngest teammate is in their 60s.