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Make Your Team Series Experience LIVE

Are you competing in the CrossFit Team Series? Would you like to watch the top teams and other affiliate teams around the world compete? Want to really showcase your affiliate during the competition? Let’s make it happen!

Broadcast your Team Series events using Facebook LIVE, the streaming video function available to any individual or affiliate with a Facebook page. If you’re unfamiliar with how it works, catch up here:

We are looking for teams from around the world, in the Masters, Teenage and Open Divisions, to showcase on the Games page during the two weeks of Team Series competition. If you are an individual or affiliate representative who is interested in broadcasting your events live and having them echoed on the Games page, message us on Facebook.

Use the hashtag #TeamSeriesLive to make your events available to the community.

Tips for Broadcasting

* Use a smart phone or connect a standalone camera for broadcasts.
* Have a person dedicated to moving the camera around throughout the events.
* Make sure your broadcast is set to public.
* Broadcast using a strong wifi connection or network signal.
* Communicate with us when you intend to go live.
* Begin your broadcast close to your event start time.

If you’re Rx’d or scaled and participating in the Masters, Teenage or Open Division of the 2016 Team Series, broadcast your experience live on Facebook and let us know.

About the Team Series

The Team Series tests the fitness of four-person teams, two men and two women.It starts Sept. 6, with the release of multiple team workouts. Teams will have six days to get together, complete the work and submit their scores before the deadline: 5 p.m. PT, Sept. 12. Less than a month later, CrossFit will release the final set of team workouts, which will take place Oct. 4-10.

Teams will be able to choose between two versions of each workout: Rx’d or scaled.

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