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Selling Our Facebook Page – Real World Issues

So, we wanted to write about this topic since we just had this problem. ┬áSomeone tried to buy our Facebook page and threatened us that legally we have to sell it to them, due to some crazy mumbo jumbo. It kind of scared us, since this isn’t really a business that got off the ground we almost did it, just to avoid any problems.


When looking at my options, I came across the article below, it was especially helpful when I thought about just giving my facebook page to this scammer, but even doing that will give them personal information about you… so you should not do it!


The article goes into a bunch more detail about buying and selling… like how transferring ownership in a shady way can lead to Facebook banning you anyway, check it out and learn more about the details. But, my case was special, someone was trying to extort me and also they probably would have scammed me even further if I complied because they would have received my personal information. It’s a scary world out there, don’t take these things lightly! Do your homework and check out this article to learn more about this real world issue that is affecting us in this social media age!


Why It’s No Longer Safe to Buy or Sell Facebook Pages